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Royal Chewy Strawberry Pancake set, is specially design for cat hunting play time, Strawberry Panset set comes with 2 base pancake with 3 strawberry and 3 colourful cream.


Royal Chewy Strawberry Pancake are made of super soft 100% Felt Cotton / Wool Press, no colour staining.



  • Made with 100% Japanese Felt Cotton / Wool Press
  • No colour staining
  • Suitable for cat 


MOQ: 5pcs

Reseller Price / Distributor Price

All price FOB Singapore

5pcs: $17.00

10pcs: $13.20

20pcs: $11.30


Personal Purchase

 [Oversea Customer Only]: Etsy

[Singapore Customer Only]: Please visit our local RESELLER


FOB Orders

Email us @

Design & Manufacturer in Singapore

Strawberry Pancake

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